HydroRed-HP Auto Clean Strainer for Boiler Water
HydroRed-HP Auto Clean Strainer for Boiler Water

HydroRed-HP filter can ensure the cleanliness of the entire boiler water system. In addition, this series of products can also be used as filters in other water treatment processes.

Boiler water filtration refers to filtering boiler-feed water through a self-cleaning filter or other filtration equipment. Remove impurities, particles, sediments, and other substances to achieve the purpose of purifying water quality and protecting the boiler. The main functions of boiler water filtration are as follows:

  • Prevent scale formation. Impurities in boiler water will react with components in the water to produce precipitates. The scale will form when it accumulates to a certain extent. Scale not only reduces the boiler’s heat transfer efficiency but also causes poor thermal stability. This can lead to serious problems with the boiler. HydroRed-HP type self-cleaning strainer can remove impurities in water and effectively prevent the formation of scale.
  • Prevent corrosion. Oxygen, carbon dioxide, and acidic substances contained in boiler water can cause corrosion of the boiler. Accelerate the aging of the boiler. Water filtration can effectively remove oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other harmful substances in the water. It can effectively protect the metal structure of the boiler from corrosion.
  • Prevent clogging. Sediment and particulate matter in the boiler water can get stuck in the boiler tubes. Cause pipeline blockage, affecting the normal operation of the boiler. Filtering through a HydroRed-HP filter can remove sediments and particles in the water to ensure smooth operation of the boiler.
HydroRed-HP Filters drawing

Technical Parameters


HydroRed-HP Auto Clean Strainer for Boiler Feed Water

In the field of coal-fired power generation, water is first heated, and water is the carrier of energy when coal is burned. First, water is heated by burning coal to produce water vapor. The water vapor then drives the steam turbine, which drives the generator to generate electricity. Therefore, the water used for power generation has high requirements on water quality, and the use of sewage can easily cause damage to the steam turbine. Therefore, the filtration process is very important.
However, the existing filtered water connection system leaks a large amount of water, which not only causes a waste of water but also easily causes damage to the equipment.

For this reason, we developed a HydroRed-HP auto-clean strainer. This type of filter can add moisture to the boiler of the generator set. The supplementary water must be filtered by the filter before it can be supplied to the boiler.

HydroRed-HP Self Cleaning Filter for Boiler Pump

The existing dry quenching boiler feed water pump has low cooling water pressure and frequent failures. As a result, the feed water pump accidentally trips and automatically switches to the backup feed water pump. During normal operation, the pressure of the main pipe is as high as 13MPa. Such malfunction can easily lead to large pressure fluctuations in the water supply pipe. If the boiler evaporation capacity is 120T/H, it may even cause the drum liquid level to fluctuate. If the system cannot be adjusted in time, the CDQ boiler will operate at a reduced load due to lack of water. In severe cases, the boiler may even dry out.
The main reason for the low cooling water pressure alarm of the feed water pump is that there are too many impurities in the cooling water filter. The existing dry quenching boiler cooling water filtration system often has a small filter area and cannot be cleaned online. HydroRed-HP type filter can perfectly solve this problem. It can effectively reduce the low cooling water pressure alarm of the dry quenching boiler system and ensure the production safety of the system.