HydroRed-EA Filter

HydroRed-EA Type Self Cleaning Filter
HydroRed-EA Type Self-Cleaning Filter

HydroRed-EA type automatic strainers can effectively protect cooling equipment. Prevent particles and sediments from clogging the cooling channel heat exchanger, while improving cooling efficiency and system operating efficiency. Cooling water often contains impurities and particulate matter, which can easily deposit in the cooling system and clog pipes. Particles and dyes in the water can also cause wear and damage to equipment, affecting the life of the equipment. The self-cleaning strainer can effectively clean the pollutants on the filter screen and prevent clogging. This maintains normal flow and ensures the normal operation of the equipment.

  • Single unit processing capacity: 45 – 200 cubic meters per hour.  
  • Maximum working pressure: 0.1-0.6 Mpa.
  • Pressure loss during filter cleaning: ≤0.018 Mpa.
  • Maximum working water temperature: 95 degrees.  
  • Filtration precision range: 100-3000 microns.  
  • Amount of water required for self-cleaning: less than 1%。  
  • Self-cleaning time: 10-60 seconds.
  • Self-cleaning control methods: pressure difference, time, and manual.  
  • Electrical control method: AC three-phase, 380V/50Hz.  
  • Control interface: digital display, knob, switch.
  • Filter type: Wedge wire self-cleaning screen (recommend) or woven screen.
HydroRed-EA Type Self Cleaning Strainer Drawing

Technical Parameters

ModelODInlet/outletFF1F2HFilter areaThroughputWeight
HydroRed-EA Filter Specifications

with special specifications, please contact us and we can customize filters with special specifications for you. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.

This series of filters can remove various viscous substances, colloidal particles, mud and sand, and other mechanical impurities in the water. Ensure reliable operation of system equipment. Its areas of expertise are industrial cooling water systems, process water systems, and reinjection water systems. Especially the non-stop system that operates continuously for 24 hours. In addition to the first time, it is also suitable for paper making, tire, chemical industry, oil refining, and oil extraction industries.
Installed inside the equipment is a wedge wire self-cleaning screen. Mechanically block suspended solids in the water to purify water quality and control water turbidity.