HydroRed-CG Filter

HydroRed-CG Self Cleaning Rainwater Filter
HydroRed-CG Self Cleaning Rainwater Filter

HydroRed-CG Self Cleaning Rainwater Filter is mainly used for rainwater filtration. Highly efficient and energy-saving, it can realize self-cleaning process during work.

The automatic rainwater filter is a device that deeply filters rainwater during the rainwater collection and filtration process.
The product uses the gravity flow characteristics of rainwater to automatically separate garbage and water in rainwater. This results in cleaner rainwater.

The rainwater changes its flow direction through the elbow inside the device and flows in the vertical direction. Encountering an umbrella-shaped diversion structure allows rainwater to flow along the edge of the umbrella. Then it contacts the vertical self-cleaning screen, and the rainwater flows to the clean water room after being filtered by the filter. The garbage falls along the mesh surface to the garbage receiving port, so that the rainwater is filtered and the garbage is diverted and automatically discharged.

The automatic rainwater filter has high filtration accuracy, and the smallest gap can reach 50 microns. It usually occurs after intercepting and discarding waste. Filtered rainwater has many uses. For example, greening watering is very effective.
The drain pipe of the filter is permeable, so there is no need to use a drain pipe to match it.


Technical Parameters

HydroRed-CG self-cleaning rainwater filter is a rainwater filtering device of our company. It is currently widely used in rainwater pretreatment processes and is generally installed after the drainage device for precise filtration of rainwater. The product utilizes the different physical properties of solid and liquid in rainwater to pass through an exquisitely designed multi-layer filter under the action of gravity. Thereby achieving the separation of rainwater and impurities. Clean rainwater flows to the collection pipe, while impurities flow to the sewage pipe under the impact of a small amount of rainwater.

Filter flow80 – 1100 m²/h
System working pressure0.25-2.5Mpa
Nominal pressure1.0Mpa/1.6Mpa/2.5Mpa
Working temperature range0 – 65 ℃
Filtering precision50 -3000 microns
Loss of pressure<0.01 Mpa
Washing time12 – 18 sec
Water consumption1% – 3% filtered water
Rated operating voltage3-ph, 380v, 220v, 50Hz
Installation methodVertical

Why choose HydroRed-CG Self-Cleaning Rainwater Filter?

Rainwater contains a large number of impurities. For rainwater to meet water quality recycling standards, the rainwater purification process is very important. In the process of rainwater purification, larger floating objects in the rainwater cannot pass through the filter screen to achieve rough filtration of rainwater. However, the existing filter is not convenient for cleaning the floating objects intercepted on the grid. Accumulated floating debris can easily clog the grates. This causes the filter to not function properly. Therefore, we developed the HydroRed-CG model automatic filter.

HydroRed-CG model automatic filter includes housing, water inlet, and outlet, filter screen, reducer, drain valve, etc. When rainwater with debris passes through the filter, the filter screen can block the debris. When the rainwater filter blocks the debris in the water, the debris remains inside the filter. Long-term pushing can easily cause the filter screen to become clogged, but our filter does not require taking out the filter screen for cleaning. This process is fully automated and will not affect normal working filtration efficiency. 

Building Rainwater Self-Cleaning Filter 

The utilization of rainwater resources is an effective measure to save water, relieve the burden on drainage pipes, and improve the state of the water environment. After certain filtration and further treatment, it can be used as municipal, industrial, or agricultural water.

The quality of collected roof rainwater is higher than that of ordinary road rainwater. Rainwater pollution mainly occurs in the early stage of rainfall. Rainwater dissolves a large amount of acidic gases, factory exhaust gases, and other pollutant gases in the air. Then it washes away a large amount of pollutants accumulated on the cement or asphalt pavement. As a result, initial rainwater contains a large amount of organic matter, pathogens, heavy metals, and particulate matter pollutants.

Therefore, the pollution level of initial rainwater is relatively high, exceeding the pollution level of ordinary urban sewage. If it is discharged directly into water bodies in nature, it will cause pollution to the water bodies.

The traditional treatment method is to collect rainwater and then process it centrally. Therefore, rainwater storage tanks (boxes) and supporting water treatment systems are often used. However, it is often difficult to popularize and apply it due to factors such as high manufacturing costs and inconvenient management and maintenance.

For this reason, we have produced a HydroRed-CG self-cleaning rainwater filter, which can solve the above problems. After rainwater enters the HydroRed-CG self cleaning strainer, it is filtered by the filter element. This can effectively filter out pollutants in rainwater. This type of filter has a simple structure and is easy to install, use, and maintain. Moreover, the manufacturing cost is not high, it is easy to implement, and it is suitable for popularization and use.