HydroPro-ZTJ Filter

HydroPro-ZTJ Filter for Syrup Filtration

HydroPro-ZTJ self-cleaning filter is mainly used in the syrup filtration process. The special design is very suitable for viscous solution filtration.

HydroPro-ZTJ self-cleaning filter plays an important role in syrup filtration. It removes impurities, particles, and undesirable colors from the syrup. This makes the syrup more pure, transparent, and delicious.
Syrup filters are an indispensable part of modern food processing. It can improve the quality and quality of products while reducing production costs and providing consumers with healthier and more delicious food.
During the production process of syrup, due to various reasons, various impurities and particles are often contained in the syrup. For example, uncolored impurities, tiny particles, bacteria, and viruses are suspended in syrup. These impurities and particles will not only affect the quality and taste of the syrup but may also cause harm to human health. HydroPro-ZTJ self-cleaning filter can efficiently remove these impurities and particles through physical filtration. This makes the syrup more pure, transparent, and delicious and provides better raw materials for our food products.

Syrup filters also reduce production costs. In the traditional syrup production process, since syrup often contains various impurities and particles, it requires multiple filtration and cleaning steps to obtain pure syrup. These steps not only require a lot of manpower and material resources but also increase production costs and time costs. The HydroPro-ZTJ self-cleaning filter can remove impurities and particles from the syrup in one go. This saves a lot of production costs and time costs and improves production efficiency and economic benefits.

HydroPro-ZTJ Technical Parameters

HydroPro-ZTJ self-cleaning filter can reduce turbidity in syrup and improve the quality of finished sugar. Use fuzzy control theory to minimize filter wear and liquid flow loss.
The spiral flexible inclined scraper design causes impurities to generate downward centrifugal force and settle into the dirt collecting chamber. Intercept impurities to the greatest extent, thereby efficiently removing more impurities. The filtration precision range is 35-2000 microns, and the applicable viscosity is up to 10000 centipoise.

It perfectly solves the problem of frequent clogging of traditional filters when filtering viscous materials and soft impurities. Always keep the filter screen clean and discharge waste liquid with a high concentration of impurities to reduce material waste. It has great advantages and is more efficient when filtering water with poor quality and sticky materials such as adhesives, resins, polymers, and greases.

HydroPro-ZTJ scraper filter has its unique technical advantages and low operation and maintenance costs. In many fields, it gradually replaces traditional manual filters and fully automatic backwash filters under certain working conditions. It can realize centralized remote intelligent control, making continuous production processes or full automation possible.

ModelLBFlowDischarge outlet DN


Structure: Filter housing, wedge wire self-cleaning screen, scraper system, PLC control system, pressure measurement system, and automatic sewage discharge system.
Working principle:

  • The syrup flows into the self-cleaning screen through the feed port.
  • The size of the particle impurities is larger than the slot size of the filter screen and stays in the filter screen.
  • After running for some time, a lot of syrup impurities will remain in the filter screen. A pressure difference is formed between the inner and outer ends of the filter screen.
  • The control system conveys instructions to the cleaning system.
  • The motor and reducer start to work, driving the shaft to rotate. The scraper system performs the cleaning process and removes most of the impurities on the filter.
  • After completing the cleaning process, open the drain valve.

The entire cleaning process is automatically operated online without manual participation.


  • Based on the original scraper, shoveling, scraping, displacement compensation, spring compensation and scraper direction are added. More suitable for filtration of fiber and other strip media.
  • The scraper system of the HydroPro-ZTJ self-cleaning filter and the wedge wire screen rotate at an angle to generate shearing force. Makes it easier to shred and remove impurities from the filter.
  • PLC control system with color LCD display. It can display the inlet and outlet pressure and pressure difference curves more intuitively. It can also better control the working time of the scraper system and sewage system.
  • HydroPro-ZTJ self-cleaning filter has over-pressure alarm, equipment failure alarm and system failure self-diagnosis prompt functions.
  • The scraper with hyperbolic flexible design can better clean and protect the screen.