HydroPro-YHZ Filter

HydroPro-YHZ Filter for Oilfield Reinjection Water

The HydroPro YHZ self-cleaning filter can be used in the filtration process of oilfield reinjection water and can also filter oilfield wastewater.

Water injection and oil production are the two major links in oilfield production. Water injection is to increase the pressure of oil-bearing formations, drive away crude oil, and maintain stable and high oil production. The re-injection water source of the oil field uses purified oil field sewage. When untreated, this sewage contains a large amount of suspended solids, emulsified oil, bacteria, and other harmful substances. If untreated or unqualified sewage is injected into the oil layer, it will cause a large number of bacteria to breed, mechanical impurities, and iron sediments to block the oil layer, causing the water injection pressure to rise. It affects the extraction efficiency of crude oil and also causes environmental pollution. In particular, solid suspended solids with large particle sizes can easily block the micropores of rock formations and affect water injection efficiency.

The traditional reinjection water treatment process is cumbersome and the treatment effect cannot be guaranteed. In particular, the sterilization treatment of reinjection water mainly achieves the purpose of sterilization by adding one or more than two bactericides. This method has problems such as incomplete sterilization and easy development of drug resistance. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a new oilfield reinjection water treatment system.

In conventional oilfield reinjection water treatment systems, the first step is often coarse filtration using self-cleaning filters. For this reason, we have developed a new type of HydroPro-YHZ self-cleaning filter. It can play a huge role in the treatment process of oil field reinjection water. It can efficiently filter suspended particles in oilfield sewage, making it meet the requirements of oilfield reinjection water and ensuring further development and utilization of oilfields. The filter pores are variable, the filter layer is easy to regenerate, and the equipment structure is simple and easy to maintain.

Technical Parameters


HydroPro-YHZ Self-Cleaning Filter Guide 

HydroPro-YHZ self-cleaning filters also appear in the pipelines of oilfield water injection wells. It can filter secondary pollution from pipelines.

The sewage station can centrally treat oil field reinjection water and oily sewage. After this sewage flows through the pipeline, it will face many factors that cause pollution. For example, the temperature decreases, the growth of bacteria, and the secondary pollution of pipelines. Therefore, the water quality at the wellhead will deteriorate significantly and is far from being able to meet the requirements of bottom layer reinjection water.
HydroPro-YHZ self-cleaning filter can effectively reduce the content of suspended solids, iron content, and other harmful substances in the reinjection water. Control the median solid particles in the return injection water to extend the operation cycle of the water injection well.

Features are as follows:

  • Fully automatic cleaning process, no manual labor required.
  • The filtration speed is fast, 3-4 times that of sand filtration.
  • The dirt-holding capacity is strong, 2-4 times that of the quartz sand filter layer.
  • The water consumption of the self-cleaning process is small, which is half of the backwash water of the sand filter.

Main specifications:

  • Working pressure: ≤25 Mpa.
  • Rated flow: 5-10 m3/h.
  • Working temperature: 0-150.
  • Oil content: ≤ 20 mg/L (inlet water), ≤ 2 mg/L (after filtration).
  • Suspended solids content: ≤ 60 mg/L (incoming water), ≤ 1 mg/L (after filtration).

Water quality comparison

No.TimeBefore filteringAfter filtering
OilyContains ironSuspended solidsumOilyContains ironSuspended solidsumPressure