HydroPro-QLJ Filter

HydroPro-QLJ self-cleaning filter for Steam Turbine Cooling Water

HydroPro-QLJ self-cleaning filter is mainly used in the filtration process of steam turbine cooling water system. Welcome to inquire at any time!

A steam turbine is a steam turbine engine, which is a rotating steam power device. The high-temperature and high-pressure steam passes through the fixed nozzle becomes an accelerated airflow and rushes towards the blades. The rotor equipped with blade rows rotates and performs work on the outside at the same time. The use of steam turbines requires water steam, so the device needs to have a sufficient water supply. Since steam turbines have certain requirements for water quality, the device usually has a filtering mechanism to filter the water flow.
The filter screen in the filter mechanism filters the water flow. After the filter blocks the impurities contained in the water flow, the particulate impurities will adhere to the surface of the filter. If you do not clean it, the filtering effect of the filter will decrease after some time. As a result, the water flow is not smooth, the pressure inside the pipe body increases, and there is a possibility of accidents. When cleaning the filter, it is necessary to cut off the water flow in the water pipe. At the same time, remove the filter section and proceed with the cleaning process. This cleaning method takes a long time and is difficult to clean. Therefore, we developed the HydroPro-QLJ self-cleaning filter to solve the problem of inconvenient cleaning of the filter in the existing steam turbine water pipeline.

Technical Parameters

HydroPro-QLJ steam turbine cooling water self-cleaning filter can filter impurities, suspended solids, large particles, etc. in the water. When the cooling water cools the steam turbine, if there are too many impurities, the impurities will accumulate on the surface of the heat transfer device. This will reduce the heat transfer efficiency of the heat exchanger. If there is more accumulation, it will cause blockage of the heat exchanger and cause damage to the equipment.
The HydroPro-QLJ self-cleaning filter uses a stainless steel wedge wire self-cleaning screen, which can efficiently filter impurities in the water. This can prevent corrosive substances in the water from causing damage to the equipment. Due to the large contact area of the filter, it can intercept impurities in the water in all directions.
The device also has a self-cleaning function. When the impurities on the filter accumulate too much and reach the pressure difference set by the equipment, the sewage discharge switch will automatically open. The stainless steel brush in the equipment will scrub the filter screen and remove the impurities on it, and then the sewage will flow out from the sewage outlet.

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HydroPro-QLJ Automatic Cleaning Filter Guide

Working principle

  • Install HydroPro-QLJ automatic cleaning filter.
  • The turbine cooling water enters the water filter from the water inlet, and the filtered water flows out from the water outlet.
  • When impurities in the water pass through the filter, the impurities cannot pass through the filter because their volume is larger than the mesh core holes.
  • When it accumulates to a certain amount, it will cause a certain pressure difference between the water inlet and the water outlet. At this time, the filter screen performs an automatic backwash process.
  • The water flow vertically washes away the dirt in the filter screen, and the sewage is discharged quickly and thoroughly. Due to the unique structure of the wedge wire filter screen, interference from adjacent forward water flow is avoided. All impurities will flow out of the drain outlet on their own.
  • And so on. HydroPro-QLJ automatic cleaning filter can replace the secondary filter as a small water filter with a wide range of accuracy. And it is small in size and low in cost.
  • There are three operating modes of the electronic control system: automatic control mode, manual control mode, and electric control mode.

Design features

  • Original filter housing integral molding and processing technology. Avoid all kinds of dripping from the steel filter housing. High-strength ductile iron material has excellent anti-corrosion properties, extending the service life of the product.
  • Proprietary filter element design and manufacturing technology, high-precision filter elements are not easy to wear.  
  • Reliable intelligent control, automatic operation of filtration, cleaning, and sewage discharge, enabling unattended and uninterrupted water supply. 
  • Leading product structure and functional design, compact structure, and large filtering area. It has a high dirt holding capacity, small pipeline pressure loss, and low power consumption. 
  • There is motor overload protection, which can effectively protect the motor. 
  • It has the characteristics of an uninterrupted water supply and no need for bypass during cleaning and sewage discharge. Moreover, the cleaning time is short and the water consumption for sewage discharge is small, not exceeding 1% of the total flow rate. 
  • It has strong maintainability and is easy to install and disassemble. 
  • The connection method of user pipelines is flange connection, and the flange adopts a national standard flange, which has strong versatility.