HydroPro-QKL Filter

HydroPro-QKL Filter for Chocolate Filtering

HydroPro-QKL self-cleaning filters are mainly used in the filtration process in chocolate production. Can also be used for other viscous liquids.

Straining chocolate is now essential to exclude contaminants that may compromise health and safety standards and to give it a high-quality, shiny appearance. The better the filtration system, the better the chocolate will look and taste. Therefore, manufacturers require high-efficiency, low-maintenance filters from professional filter companies.
Self-cleaning filters help produce safer, higher-quality chocolate than typical vibrating gravity screen systems. They are airtight and can block airborne contaminants. Can filter out small particles down to 15 microns. Manufacturers will also benefit from this, with almost zero maintenance required and a more stable process. This means less labor costs and product waste.

As demand and production increased, some companies discovered some deficiencies in their liquid chocolate filtration systems. Including the use of vibrating gravity screens. The chocolate production process involves filtering liquid chocolate in an open environment before the shaping stage.
Because the screens in use rely on gravity to move fluid through the process. Therefore it must be located on the second floor of the factory, thus limiting the configuration of the production line. The defect resulted in reduced productivity and product quality, forcing many to seek solutions. 

Chocolate Filtration Challenges

In the chocolate production process, the filtration process is very important to ensure a high-quality finished product. Additionally, various standards exist regarding consistency, which results in the need for filtration systems capable of handling a wide range of raw materials.
Improve productivity and quality by increasing flow rates, eliminating the build-up of external contaminants, and reducing operating noise and maintenance time. Additionally, avoid exposing the liquid chocolate to the atmosphere to ensure the purity of the finished product.  

The following is a real case from a customer.
The 5 cubic meters per hour pump works with relatively high viscosity liquid chocolate (6000-8000 centipoise). This system cannot meet the requirements of a vibrating gravity screen. This results in frequent blockage of the filter and low filter strength. Frequent bursts and subsequent repairs or replacements lead to excessive unplanned downtime. 
Industrial filtration systems already play an important role in many chocolate processing applications. Including harvesting, fermentation, shelling, grinding, pressing, deodorization, cooling, and refining.
HydroPro-QKL self-cleaning filter is very suitable for this working environment. 
Mechanically scrapes the particles collected from the filter, automatically performing a self-cleaning action. A collection chamber at the bottom of the filter automatically removes collected debris without stopping production.
The process only takes tens of seconds and does not require terminal production. This maintains consistently high flow rates and provides high-quality filtration of the selected media.

HydroPro-QKL Technical Parameters

ModelInput/outputH1H2HDSewage outletFlowWeight

Advantages of HydroPro-QKL self-cleaning filter

Screen strength has been increased by 150 psi compared to 110 psi in the customer’s previous system. Closed systems improve working conditions in factories.
The filter design is compact. More efficient use of space Virtually maintenance-free operation. And there are fewer moving parts, reducing the frequency of parts replacement.  
filter effect. The HydroPro-QKL self-cleaning filter replaces the vibrating gravity screen, making the filtration process more efficient. and improves the quality of the final product. Higher flow rates result in increased productivity and reduced contaminants.

Self-cleaning filter transitions also save labor and materials. The low-maintenance operation of self-cleaning filters is a welcome change for customers. Because the previous system required shutting down the system for frequent cleaning and replacement.
Bluslot provides solutions that allow customers to better manage processes and reduce the labor required. Continuously running production lines. Self-cleaning cycles are only a few tenths of a second, minimizing product loss and increasing profits.

Other application

  • Wax, shampoo, rubber.
  • High temperature oil, kerosene, silicone resin solution, ethanol, fermentation broth.
  • Candies, juices, edible oils, dairy products, vitamins, pills, cereal syrups.
  • Cellulose, resin, soap.
  • Chemical agents, penicillin, citric acid, steroids.
  • Cosmetics, polymers, coatings.
  • Pigments, catalysts.
  • Coolant, diesel, lubricant, sterol, and other liquid filtration.