HydroPro-PLS Filter

HydroPro-PLS Filter for Coal Mine Water Spraying

HydroPro-PLS self-cleaning filters are mainly used in coal mine water spraying systems and can efficiently remove impurities.

HydroPro-PLS self-cleaning filter can efficiently filter impurity particles in the coal mine water spraying system. Effectively remove suspended solids and particulate matter from spray water, reduce turbidity, purify water quality, and reduce system dirt, bacteria, algae, rust, etc. Intelligent design, complete the filtration process and cleaning process independently without manual labor. The control system of HydroPro-PLS can automatically identify the degree of impurity deposition and send a signal to the sewage valve to automatically discharge all sewage.

The cleaning component uses a combination of axial movement and rotational movement to completely clean the entire inner surface of the filter screen. The entire cleaning process will last tens of seconds. The drain valve closes at the end of cleaning, and the increased water pressure causes the hydraulic cylinder piston to return to its original position. The filter then begins preparing for the next flush cycle. During the cleaning process, the normal filtration work of the filter is uninterrupted.

Basic parameters of HydroPro-PLS self-cleaning filter:

  • Filtration precision: 30~3000 μm.
  • Pressure loss: ≤ 0.016 Mpa (automatic backwashing when the pressure difference is 2 kg).
  • Drainage valve diameter: DN 50 mm.
  • Drainage time: 10 to 60 seconds (timed backwash or differential pressure backwash). 
  • Power supply: AC three-phase 380V/50Hz. 
  • Control interface: digital display, knob, switch.
  • Cleaning brush: stainless steel, nylon.
  • Controller: PLC, aluminum.
  • Brush holder: 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel.
  • Filter: 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel.

HydroPro-PLS Technical Parameters

ModelSizeInput/outputFlowPressureMaterialSlot size


  • Uninterrupted water supply: The water volume during cleaning is very small, which is 5% of the water output of the filter. The flushing time is 2 to 15 seconds, and the entire self-cleaning filter system supplies water continuously.
  • High filtration precision: The filtration precision can reach up to 20 microns, and there are various precision filters for you to choose from.
  • Large filtration area: The effective filtration area of a standard filter is 7 to 40 times the inlet area.
  • Economical and simple installation: various structural forms, suitable for installation in various on-site conditions without affecting the operation effect.
  • High-precision pressure difference control design, time control, and manual control cleaning.
  • The control display interface has a user-friendly design and is very easy to operate.
  • There are no exposed wiring on the outer surface, making it safe and reliable.
  • Special filter unit structural design, sturdy and durable.
  • The unique cleaning design achieves low load, low water head, and uniform sewage discharge.
  • Adjust the direction of the electric control box panel at will.

Other uses

  • Steel. Water treatment and filtration in raw material yards and sintered pellet plants. Cooling water filtration for systems such as blast furnaces, rolling mills, and continuous casting machines. High-pressure water phosphorus removal system impurity filtration.
  • Car. Painting production lines, and water treatment systems for automobiles, tractors, motorcycles, and engines.
  • Power plant. Precision pretreatment part of high-purity water preparation for power plant boilers. Filtration of generator cooling water and sealing water. When the water consumption of the system is extremely large, it can play the role of side filtering.
  • Petrochemical. For side filtration treatment in the circulating water field, it can work as a single machine or multiple models in parallel. Therefore, it can better replace the filter material for filtration and reduce the filter load of the filter material. It can avoid a lot of flushing water consumption and save costs.
  • Agricultural gardens and paper mills. In systems with nozzles and nozzles, reduce equipment clogging and wear. Therefore, it is necessary to choose high-precision and highly automated filtration product machinery. Automatic and precise filtration of the system can prevent the cooling water system from being clogged.
  • Water supply and wastewater treatment. Play a role in the pretreatment system to improve system operating efficiency.
  • Drinking water treatment, building circulating water treatment, industrial circulating water treatment, sewage treatment, and mining industry water treatment.
  • Golf course water treatment, construction, steel, petroleum, chemical, electronics, power generation, textile, paper and other industries.