HydroPro-NJB Filter

HydroPro-NJB Filter for Condensate Pump
HydroPro-NJB Filter for Condensate Pump

HydroPro-NJB self-cleaning filter is generally installed at the inlet and outlet of the condensate pump, which can remove most particulate impurities and ensure the cleanliness of the entire condensate system.

The condensate water pump is a water pump that extracts the condensate water from the hot well at the bottom of the condenser and raises its pressure to the recuperation heating system. In the past, the filter appeared in the water inlet pipe. When cleaning was needed, the filter was usually taken out. However, it takes a lot of time to disassemble and clean the filter each time, resulting in high labor intensity for maintenance personnel.
Therefore, to overcome the above-mentioned technical deficiencies, we created the HydroPro-NJB series of self-cleaning filters. It is convenient for maintenance, reduces the labor intensity of maintenance personnel, and can realize fully automatic online cleaning.

This series of self-cleaning filters can choose two cleaning methods. The first uses a scraper system, and the second uses a backwash system.
When the internal pressure of the filter is less than the external pressure. Start the telescopic assembly, and the telescopic assembly drives the hook to move between the outer wall of the filter and the inner wall of the cylinder. The hook drives the filter to deform, and the directional water flow formed by the deformation of the filter impacts the filter. Rinse the debris from the filter to achieve a self-cleaning effect.
The filter resistance is less than the differential pressure switch setting value. The controller starts the operation of the electric telescopic machine, and the electric telescopic machine causes the filter screen to shake inside the cylinder. Under the impact of the water flow, the filter screen rotates inside the cylinder, so that the cleaning effect of the filter screen is better.

To meet the normal use of the HydroPro-NJB self-cleaning filter in special working conditions, we have other cleaning methods.

HydroPro-NJB self-cleaning filter drawing

Technical Parameters


HydroPro-NJB Self-Cleaning Filter for Power Plant Condensate Pump

There is often a self-cleaning filter at the outlet of the condensate pump in a power plant. However, some problems inevitably arise. For example, some customers have reported to us that when the pressure difference of the self-cleaning filter increases, the self-cleaning process fails, and the pressure difference cannot be reduced. For this reason, we have repeatedly improved the production process of HydroPro-NJB self-cleaning filters to perfectly solve this problem.

Working principle. Condensate containing impurities enters the HydroPro-NJB self-cleaning filter. As the impurities in the filter increase, a pressure difference occurs between the inside and outside of the filter. When the pressure difference rises to the set value, the filter triggers the automatic cleaning process. At this time, the drain valve will automatically open and the drain bucket will rotate. A seal is formed between the sewage hopper and the filter, and the water pressure in the sewage hopper will decrease rapidly. The pressure outside the filter is greater than the pressure inside the sewage bucket. The pressure difference causes the clean water outside the filter screen to enter the filter screen and then complete the cleaning process.
Squeegee cleaning system. When the internal and external pressure difference reaches the rated value, the motor starts to rotate. This drives the scraper to scrape and clean the entire screen. This process takes about 2 minutes.

Analysis of causes of online cleaning failure: If the HydroPro-NJB self-cleaning filter cannot complete the self-cleaning process, the biggest reason may be the sealing problem. The seal between the drain bucket and the filter screen is leaking. To avoid this problem, we test the entire device for tightness before shipping.