HydroPro-JFY Filter

HydroPro-JFY Self-Cleaning Filter For Yeast Fermentation Broth
HydroPro-JFY Self-Cleaning Filter For Yeast Fermentation Broth

The yeast fermentation broth is a liquid rich in active yeast composed of yeast, protein, sugar, and other nutrients. Yeast can produce a series of metabolic products, including gases and enzymes. These metabolites can promote the fermentation process and also have nutritional effects.

Its uses are as follows:   

  • The yeast fermentation broth is a natural food additive. It is generally very common in the production of cakes, bread, biscuits, etc. It can promote the fermentation of dough and improve product quality and taste. At the same time, it will also appear in the production of condiments, sauces, etc.
  • Yeast fermentation broth is also a biofertilizer that can promote crop growth and increase yields. At the same time, it also plays an important role in the prevention and control of fruit trees during the flowering and fruiting period.
  • Yeast fermentation broth contains a large amount of proteins, polysaccharides, and other nutrients. It has the effects of enhancing human immunity and improving intestinal flora. Therefore, it is also very common in the health field.

The production method of yeast fermentation broth mainly includes steps such as yeast cultivation, fermentation, and extraction. At present, liquid fermentation technology and aqueous phase extraction methods are mostly used in industrial production, which can not only ensure the output but also maintain the high activity of the product. But in this process, filters need to be used to filter out impurity particles. After extensive terminal use, self-cleaning filters are the most popular among users. For this reason, we have developed the HydroPro-JFY self-cleaning filter.

HydroPro-JFY Self Cleaning Filter Guide

HydroPro-JFY self-cleaning filter can filter out solid particle impurities in yeast fermentation broth. To meet the requirements for liquid cleanliness for system operation and subsequent processes. It can also protect downstream key equipment from particle clogging, wear, or scaling, and improve the operating efficiency of key equipment. HydroPro-JFY self-cleaning filter can automatically filter continuously online, reducing downtime costs, maintenance costs, and labor costs. It is an advanced solution for yeast fermentation broth and aqueous liquid filtration. 


  • Complete the online self-cleaning process without stopping the system. The processing flow rate remains unchanged during self-cleaning.
  • Select the filter element according to the user’s working conditions and filtration accuracy.
  • The filter element has a large pressure-bearing capacity. During filtration, water flows from the center of the filter element outward, so the filter element can carry a higher pressure load.
  • HydroPro-JFY self-cleaning filter has small no-load resistance and low water consumption for self-cleaning. The water flow direction is smooth and the resistance is small. When the target suspended matter concentration of the water to be filtered is lower than 20mg/L, the backwash water consumption accounts for less than 1% of the filtered water volume.
  • Reliable operation and simple maintenance. Since the seal of the spindle can automatically compensate, there will be no leakage during long-term operation. Generally, no routine maintenance is required, no special tools are required, and there are few parts.
  • The high degree of standardization. HydroPro-JFY self-cleaning filter can select products of a certain specification based on different working conditions, filtration accuracy, processing flow rate, and automation requirements. By appropriately changing the relevant parameters of the cylinder, it can adapt to the different requirements of users for flow rate and filtration accuracy.
  • It is easy to install and saves space. It is a flange connected to the pipeline and has no other ancillary equipment. It has a large processing capacity, small volume, and small space.
  • The filter element has a long service life. It adopts a special structure of the filter element, which is strong and corrosion-resistant. There is no mechanical wear on the filter element due to mechanical cleaning. The filter element is regenerable and has a long service life.