HydroPro-GRF Filter

HydroPro-GRF Filter For Golf Course Wastewater Treatment
HydroPro-GRF Filter For Golf Course Wastewater Treatment

Pesticide residues sprayed during routine golf course turf maintenance will flow to the outside world with rain. If it is directly discharged to the outside without treatment, it will have a relatively adverse impact on the environment. However, due to the vast area of the golf course, turf rainwater is difficult to collect and the concentration of pollutants is not high. It is difficult to use daily sewage treatment facilities for purification, and the later operating costs are high. It is an ideal method to use a HydroPro-GRF fully automatic self-cleaning filter for processing.

In addition to playing an important role in golf courses, HydroPro-GRF self-cleaning filters can also be used in other industrial locations. This self-cleaning filter uses an efficient scraper system to perform a self-cleaning process, so it is very suitable for filtration of high-viscosity fluids.

It is widely used in self-cleaning filtration of solvents, acid and alkali liquids, polymers, coatings, and other viscous materials. Higher efficiency, accuracy range 25-2500 microns. Can handle liquids with viscosities up to 5800,000 centipoise. Series scraper filters are widely used in water treatment, petrochemicals, metallurgy, electric power, fine chemicals, coatings, inks, papermaking, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, metal processing, and other industries.

HydroPro-GRF Self-Cleaning Filter Guide

One of our clients’ golf courses covers an area of 1,200 acres. The water quality remains at the surface water level II standard all year round. Irrigation water and rainwater within the stadium will flow to the lake inside the stadium through the shallow and deep drainage pipe network. When the water level is higher than the overflow opening, it flows into the reservoir. The inner lake contains irrigation runoff water and irregular rainwater containing pesticides sprayed on lawns, which contain a certain amount of COD, etc. Therefore, the water in the inner lake must be purified before it can be discharged to the outside world.

After on-site investigation and the company’s many years of experience in sewage treatment. We specially developed the HydroPro-GRF series of self-cleaning filters suitable for golf course water treatment for this customer. This filter is only used as preliminary filtration equipment and mainly performs pretreatment processes. It can effectively filter out large particle impurities in golf course sewage and rainwater for a long time.

Rainwater processed by the HydroPro-GRF series self-cleaning filters can enter the artificial ecological wetland by itself through gravity flow. The artificial ecological wetland system appears in the form of a landscape. It is often used as a green space to plant green grass, flowers, and other plants. The system design can be carried out according to the surrounding environment and landscape requirements.

General parameters

ModelWater inlet and outlet(DN)OD(mm)cleaning water(L)Sewage outletMotor(kw)Area(m3)Flow(m3/h)Weight (Kg)