HydroPro-GLN Filter

HydroPro-GLN self-cleaning filter

HydroPro-GLN self-cleaning filter is mainly used for condensate water filtration, especially suitable for power plant condensate water systems.

HydroPro-GLN steel plant condensate water self-cleaning filter can filter out impurities in steel plant condensate water and protect equipment that reuses condensate water. Impurities in condensate water from steel plants are inevitable. The following are some of the causes of impurities.

  • During the condensate water recovery process, factors such as unclean pipes, valves, and water tanks will still cause condensate water contamination.
  • During the operation of the system, leakage, leakage, impurities, and dust suspended in the air are inevitable in the factory.
  • Oils can also contaminate condensate, so self-cleaning filters in steel plant condensate reuse systems are essential.

HydroPro-GLN steel plant condensate water self-cleaning filter is a new filter independently developed by Bluslot. Product design and manufacturing strictly comply with GB150/ASME pressure vessel standard design and manufacturing. Making full use of the combination of fluid mechanics and filtration technology, it has an industry-leading position in the filtration industry.  

HydroPro-GLN self-cleaning filter overcomes the small dirt-holding capacity and easy clogging of traditional filtration products. Moreover, it is inconvenient to clean the filter part and cannot monitor the filter status. It has the function of filtering raw water and automatically cleaning and draining the filter element. The system provides an uninterrupted water supply during cleaning and sewage discharge and can monitor the working status of the filter, with a high degree of automation. Covering various filtering precision requirements from 20um to 3000um.

HydroProGLN Technical Parameters

  • Working pressure: 0.2 – 1.0 MPa.
  • Maximum working temperature: 75.
  • Filtering accuracy: 20-500 microns.
  • Control methods: pressure difference, time, and manual.
  • Cleaning mechanism speed: 14-20rpm.
  • Cleaning method: Scanning suction cleaning.
  • Cleaning pressure loss: 0.01-0.08MPa.
  • Control voltage: AC 220V.
  • Working voltage: three-phase, 380V, 50HZ.

Parameters of self-cleaning filter for condensate water in steel plant:

Filter working hour300 minutes.
Differential pressure delay time10 seconds.
Pressure difference alarm delay20 seconds.
Entrance upper limit alarm9 bar.
Entrance lower limit alarm2 bar.
Preset pressure difference0.50 bar.
Clean time60 seconds.
Delayed valve opening time15.0 seconds.
Valve alarm delay40.0 seconds.
Export upper limit alarm8 bar.
Entrance lower limit alarm0.00 bar.

Conventional size data


Other applications

In addition to the condensate water system of steel plants, HydroPro-GLN self-cleaning filters can also play a role in some other filtration processes. For example:

  • Cooling water treatment. Cooling towers, makeup water systems, air conditioning systems, DC system water filtration. Reduce the generation of sediment in the heat exchanger and maintain its cooling effect.
  • Raw water treatment. It can filter surface river water, lake water, seawater, reservoir water, well water, and groundwater. Removes sand, bacteria, algae, organic matter and more.
  • Industrial circulating water filtration. Equipment that has certain requirements for water quality such as cooling towers, rolling mills, continuous casters, polishing, water pumps, solenoid valves, ion exchangers, sprayers, heat exchangers, etc. Or used on water supply and drainage pipelines to filter out impurities in the water and avoid clogging pipelines, nozzles, and other components.
  • irrigation. Especially suitable for water sources with high flow rates and high impurity content. Agricultural irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, parks, golf courses, turf watering, etc.
  • Paper industry, white water filtration.
  • Plastics industry, product recycling cooling water filtration.