HydroPro-FQJ Filter

HydroPro-FQJ Filter For Generator Cooling Water
HydroPro-FQJ Filter For Generator Cooling Water

Generator sets often use cooling water circulation to maintain normal operation. At present, in steam turbine generator units, the cooling water runs in one direction for a long time during the operation of the generator. Impurities will inevitably pass through the hollow wire rod and adhere to the cooling water channel inside the wire rod. Long-term accumulation of impurities will reduce the water flow or block the cooling water channel, causing overheating of the wire rods and the unit’s water failure.

At present, to solve the above problems, designers often install filtering devices on the cooling water pipes. The filtering device mainly uses filter cotton to filter impurities. But when the filter cotton needs to be replaced, the entire filter device needs to be disassembled. Repeated disassembly in a short period will affect the sealing of the connection between the cooling water pipe and the filter device. In severe cases, fluid leakage may occur, affecting the operation of the turbine generator set, and dismantling the entire filter device is time-consuming and laborious.

To this end, we have developed the HydroPro-FQJ self-cleaning filter suitable for the cooling system of generator sets.

HydroPro-FQJ self-cleaning filter has a reasonable and compact structure. It often appears on the cooling water pipes of generator sets. This can effectively avoid clogging of cooling water pipes. This enables the bearings on the generator set to be continuously cooled, ensuring the normal operation of the equipment.

HydroPro-FQJ Self Cleaning Filter Guide

Main application areas of HydroPro-FQJ self-cleaning filter:

  • Power plant: Precision pretreatment part for the preparation of high-purity water in power plant boilers. Filtration of generator cooling circulating water and sealing water.
  • Petrochemical industry: Side filtration treatment is carried out in the circulating water field, and it can be a single machine or multiple models in parallel for the main treatment. Replace the filter material to reduce the filter load of the filter material. Effectively avoid a large amount of flushing water and save costs.
DN5050 M3/HDN80100 M3/H
DN100160 M3/HDN150300 M3/H
DN250450 M3/HDN300600 M3/H
DN3001000 M3/HDN4001500 M3/H

HydroPro-FQJ for Small Horizontal Hydraulic Generator Set

Most of the units in a certain secondary hydropower station are small horizontal hydroelectric generator units. The bearing lubricating oil is cooled through a water circulation cooler installed in the bearing seat oil tank. Because the cooling water is taken from the pressure pipe, the pressure pipe is not equipped with a filter device. Therefore, there is a lot of debris, which often causes the cooling water to be blocked and cut off.

The blockage and interruption of the cooling water will cause the temperature of the lubricating oil to rise, affecting the establishment of the oil film, and resulting in an increase in the temperature of the bearing bush. It may even cause a tile-burning accident. Usually when the cooling water is blocked, the load must be reduced in time to clear the cooler. This will also affect the power output of the equipment.

For this reason, we designed a new HydroPro-FQJ self-cleaning filter for this customer, which perfectly solved the above problems.