HydroPro-DYQ Filter

HydroPro-DYQ self-cleaning filter

HydroPro-DYQ self-cleaning filter is mainly used in the filtration process during the preparation of electrophoretic paint (E-Coat). We provide production services.

HydroPro-DYQ E-Coat self-cleaning filter is a device for the filtration of electrophoretic paint liquids. Its main function is to remove solid particles, impurities, and contaminants from the paint liquid. Ensure spraying quality and surface smoothness during electrophoretic coating. HydroPro-DYQ E-Coat self-cleaning filters are commonly used in automotive manufacturing, metal painting, home appliance paint, and other fields.

HydroPro-DYQ Technical Parameters

ModelInput/outputABCDEFSewage outletMotorFlowWeight

E-Coat Emulsion Filtration

E-Coat is a type of water-based paint suitable for electrophoretic coating. It can dissociate into water-soluble film-forming substances that can form films in water. It swims toward the opposite electrode in a DC electric field and deposits on it to form a coating film. The amine or acid neutralizes the carboxylic acid or amine polymer in the polymer. Use the coated object as the anode or cathode. Using electrophoresis, the polymer has the property of not melting. It can be precipitated on the coated object through the insolubilization of the polymer. This method is called electrophoretic coating. E-Coat has good coating uniformity, saves materials, can reduce production costs, and shortens production time.

The existing packaging process of electrophoretic coating emulsion requires a filtration process. After filtration for some time, a lot of filter residue often accumulates in the filter bag in the filter. In order not to affect the normal filtration effect of the filter, it is very important to replace the filter bag in the filter in time.
The existing filter bag replacement method is to enter the filter from the top. When replacing the filter bag, there is a lot of filter residue deposited, and it is often necessary to use greater force to lift the filter bag out of the top cover of the filter. This makes the replacement operation of the filter bag inconvenient. Especially when the replacement frequency is high, replacing the filter bag will increase the labor intensity of the operator.
To solve the above problems, we developed a HydroPro-DYQ self-cleaning filter. This filter solves the problem of inconvenient replacement of filter bags in existing filters.

Features of HydroPro-DYQ Filter

  • High filtration precision: HydroPro-DYQ self-cleaning filter has high filtration precision. It can effectively remove tiny particles and impurities to ensure the cleanliness of E-Coat. 
  • Corrosion-resistant materials: E-Coat may contain some corrosive ingredients. Therefore, the filter material and housing of HydroPro-DYQ must be made of corrosion-resistant materials. Such as stainless steel or special alloy.
  • Stable flow: Ensures a stable flow of E-Coat liquid through the filter. Control of fluid dynamics and pressure drop are design factors in E-Coat self-cleaning filters.
  • Easy to replace: During the use of the E-Coat filter, contamination is inevitable. Therefore, an easily replaceable structure is an important design concept to allow for regular maintenance.
  • Anti-clogging design: Some electrocoat filters may also have an anti-clogging design. The use of filter media with a unique structure can effectively avoid clogging of filter holes.


  • Car manufacturer. E-Coat self-cleaning filters play an important role in automobile manufacturing. Its function is to filter electrophoretic paint and ensure the quality of car body surface coating.
  • Metallic coating. During the electrophoretic coating process of metal products, the HydroPro-DYQ self-cleaning filter can improve the uniformity and aesthetics of the coating.
  • Home appliance painting. Electrophoretic coating is a common surface treatment method in home appliance manufacturing. The e-Coat self-cleaning filter can ensure the quality of paint liquid and prevent impurities from affecting the product surface.
  • Other industrial coatings. HydroPro-DYQ self-cleaning filters also play an important role in the coating process in other industrial fields to ensure product surface coating quality.

Several aspects are important when choosing an electrocoat filter. For example, the properties of electrophoretic paint, filtration requirements, flow requirements, etc. At the same time, regular filter replacement and maintenance help maintain the stability and effectiveness of your painting system.