HydroMar-CLS Filter

HydroMar-CLS auto backwash filter

HydroMar-CLS auto backwash filter is mainly used in the filtration process of ship cooling water to effectively remove impurities in seawater. This ensures the normal operation of the entire cooling water circulation system.

The marine filter is an important accessory in the ship piping system. Its function is to filter impurities in the pipeline fluid. Seawater systems, fuel systems, lubricating oil systems, etc. must have filters because impurities can enter more easily. To prevent impurities from entering the ship’s equipment and causing the equipment to not work properly.

Equipment such as engines or generators used by ships will generate high temperatures when operating. Generally, it is a water-cooling cooling method, and a large amount of water liquid is used as a circulating heat dissipation for heat exchange. The source of the water liquid is usually seawater introduced directly through the water inlet located below the waterline. However, due to the large amount of impurities in seawater, it is easy to cause blockage of the circulation pipeline in the cooling equipment. This further affects the efficiency of heat dissipation, so it is very important to use a seawater filter between the pipes that introduce seawater. It can filter impurities in the water and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
For this reason, we developed the HydroMar-CLS auto backwash filter, which can perfectly solve the problem of impurity clogging.

HydroMar-CLS Technical Parameters

ModelODH1H2H3Inspection holeSewage outletFlow


  • HydroMar-CLS Filter housing. There is a water inlet on the side wall of the shell body. There is an inner shell inside the shell body.
  • The water inlet is connected to the inner shell. There are internal threads on the inner wall of the upper end of the inner shell.
  • There is a sewage outlet at the bottom of the inner shell, and there is a sewage valve at the sewage outlet.
  • There is a shell cover on the top of the shell body and a water outlet in the middle of the shell cover. There are multiple locking mechanisms on the circumference of the shell cover.
  • There are external threads at the bottom of the filter.
  • Open the shell cover, connect the filter to the upper end of the inner shell, and close the shell cover. The shell cover and the shell body are tightly connected through the locking mechanism.
  • The locking mechanism includes a clamping plate and a base. The clamping plate is on the side wall of the shell cover, and the base is on the top of the shell body. There is a pin in the middle of the base, and there is a screw in the middle of the pin.
  • There is a nut on the thread at the upper end of the screw. The lower end of the nut is close to the upper surface of the card plate. This kind of structural design has a simple structure, easy operation, and good locking effect.


During operation, seawater enters the HydroMar-CLS auto backwash filter inner shell from the water inlet. Then, the seawater passes upward through the filter and reaches the shell. After the filtration process, seawater flows out from the outlet. After long-term use, open the drain valve to discharge impurities from the drain outlet.
This structural design allows seawater to flow in and out, which is conducive to the sinking of impurities. It increases the filtration effect and improves the cleanliness of seawater, making it very suitable for use on ships. The inner wall surface of the shell is provided with a PO anti-corrosion layer, which has better anti-corrosion effect and extends the service life.