HydroMar-CBG Filter

HydroMar-CBG series auto backwash filter

HydroMar CBG series auto backwash filter is mainly used in various seawater treatment systems of ships. We can provide customized services of various specifications.

The filter is an indispensable device on the marine transmission medium pipeline. Usually appears on pressure-reducing valves, pressure relief valves, water level valves, and the inlet of pumps or other equipment. The filter consists of a cylinder, stainless steel filter screen, sewage discharge part, transmission device, and electrical control part. After the seawater passes through the filter cartridge of the filter screen, its impurities pass through the filter screen and stay inside the filter element. 
But when cleaning is needed, the filter cartridge needs to be removed. It is extremely inconvenient to use and maintain, and the filter ring in the filter needs to be cleaned regularly. Therefore we created the HydroMar-CBG series auto backwash filter.

HydroMar-CBG Backwashing process: The transmission motor drives the gear to rotate, thereby causing the rack and sliding rod to move downward. Make the rubber ring located at the upper end of the through hole in the recoil chamber at the lower part of the pipe. Water enters the interior of the recoil chamber and opens the on-off valve on the water supply pipe. At the same time, close the switch valve on the second liquid outlet pipe, which will cause water to backwash the filter element. This in turn makes the entire backflushing process more convenient.

The overall structure of the equipment facilitates the disassembly of the overall structure. The filter element can be easily taken out, making the maintenance of the filter element more convenient.

Technical Parameters

Filter area1.562.644.055.9110.4515.72
Filter No.101826334964
SuitHigh flow rate, high speed, low viscosity liquid, impurity mass<1000 ppm.
Pressure-bearing1.0 MPa or higher.
Filtration50-2000 microns.
Design temperature0-200 degrees.
Cleaning pressure difference50-1000 KPa. Liquid viscosity is the main factor.
Differential pressure instrumentDifferential pressure switch, pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter.
Import and export connection standardsFlange. HG20592-2009 (Standard Design). HG20615-2009 (compatible with ANSI B16.5). DIN11851 round thread.
Sealing materialNBR, EPDM, VITON, silicone rubber, PET, silicone rubber.
Drain valveFull bore pneumatic ball valve, but functional or double acting. 304/316

Anti-corrosion Treatment of HydroMar-CBG Auto Backwash Filter

As one of the important equipment in the navigation ship system, the seawater filtration device is responsible for important tasks such as cooling the ship’s power equipment, firefighting, and supplying daily cleaning of seawater. However, since the seawater filtration device is in contact with seawater for a long time, it will inevitably suffer from two major problems: corrosion and pollution. The anti-corrosion and anti-fouling research of seawater filtration devices has always been one of the important research topics in navigation and shipbuilding.

The seawater filtration device is mainly a section of the pipeline in front of the seawater pump inlet. Including grilles, valve boxes, sea valves, and seawater filters. At the same time, it is a key component of the seawater system. In particular, the seawater filter has become an important part of the entire seawater filtration system. Its fouling and corrosion not only affect the normal operation of the equipment but also cause corrosion in the inner compartment and even water intrusion accidents. 

In general, the raw material of the seawater filter shell is carbon steel. Therefore, it is easily corroded by the long-term flow and immersion of seawater. The cylinder in the existing seawater filter is generally painted with anti-rust paint on the inner wall of the cylinder to prevent corrosion. However, due to the constant flow and immersion of seawater, its corrosion resistance is not good. After some time, the outer surface will also corrode, damaging the cylinder and shortening its service life.

To this end, we have developed the HydroMar-CBG series of marine auto-backwash filters. The raw materials for all models are high-quality stainless steel. The lowest grade is SS316L or materials such as super duplex stainless steel and Monel.