HydroIrri-NYG Filter

HydroIrri-NYG self-cleaning-irrigation filter
HydroIrri-NYG self-cleaning-irrigation filter

HydroIrri-NYG self-cleaning irrigation filter is mainly used in the filtration process of agricultural water-saving irrigation. Can be customized according to customer needs.

The key to drip irrigation is preventing clogging. Choosing the right filter is a prerequisite for successful drip irrigation.
In agricultural irrigation, filters are essential equipment. The proper configuration of the filtration system plays a vital role. Whether due to incorrect matching or poor selection, problems can arise in the entire agricultural irrigation system.
Currently, backwash filters for agricultural irrigation are mostly used outdoors. Used to filter impurities from outdoor water sources to avoid clogging pipes. When the current filter device is in use, weeds, branches and other debris in the water can easily clog the filter. Once there is a large amount of blockage, it will lead to insufficient flow of water. The debris needs to be cleaned up, which is not only troublesome but also affects irrigation efficiency.

For this reason, HydroIrri-NYG self-cleaning irrigation filters are available in dozens of different sizes. Under the reasonable and scientific design of our technical team, this series of products can meet the needs of most customers.
Material and structure:

  • High quality carbon steel or stainless steel cylinder.  
  • Stainless steel wedge wire screen.
  • Water flow guide valve.  
  • Differential pressure controller.  
  • Electric control box.  
  • Sewage equipment, etc.  

If you don’t know which model of self cleaning irrigation filter to choose, you can contact us. We will give you the best solution. In addition, please provide the following information:

  • The actual nature of the dirt and its content.  
  • Solid particle size. 
  • The flow path size of the emitter.  
  • Irrigation water requirements.  
  • Nature of Irrigation Systems. 
  • Outflow methods, etc. 
HydroIrri-NYG Filter Drawing

HydroIrri-NYG Self-Cleaning Irrigation Filter Guide

  • High safety performance: The materials and design of the product ensure the product is durable.
  • Product features: The filter self-cleaning completely relies on the water pressure inside the system to start cleaning, without external pressure.
  • Low maintenance costs: No tools required, easy operation, and high resistance.
  • The assembly of the filtration system is simple. Just connect the water inlet, water outlet, and sewage outlet.
  • Installation method: using movable flange or bayonet connection. The water inlet and outlet can be rotated 360 degrees and installed vertically or horizontally.

Working principle

Filtration stage: Water enters the filter and first passes through the coarse filter to intercept large impurities. Inside the filter, particulate impurities cannot pass through the filter. Clean water flows from the water outlet.

Backwash stage: First open the sewage outlet, and the suction nozzle on the water suction shaft rotates at a constant speed. The suction sweep generates negative pressure inside the stainless steel filter, adsorbs impurities on the inner wall, and moves in a spiral reciprocating motion. Impurities are discharged from the screen.