HydroCap-SZB Resin Trap Filter

HydroCap-SZB Resin Trap Filter For Sale

HydroCap-SZB resin trap filter is mainly used in Mixed beds, cation beds, and anion bed equipment for water treatment. Support customization!

The resin trap filter is supplementary equipment for the ion exchanger. Its function is to intercept the resin when the water outlet device fails. The highly efficient resin trap filter can prevent resin from entering the desalted water system and ensure the normal operation and use of subsequent equipment. The resin trap filter of the HydroCap-SZB series is small in size and has high recovery efficiency and stable working efficiency.

Basic technical requirements:

  • There is a layer of rubber lining inside (the thickness of the rubber lining is 3 mm).
  • The inside is a wedge wire self-cleaning screen, and the slot size is in the range of 0.15-0.25 mm.
  • There is a peek glass on the side of the device to observe the resin captured by the filter element.
  • The interface orientation and specifications meet the design requirements.

HydroCap-SZB Resin Trap Filter Guide

Nominal diameter of water inlet and outletmm125
Design pressureMpa0.6
Operating pressureMpa0.5
Operating temperature≤50
MaterialStainless steel shell + rubber lining, filter element material is stainless steel 316L.
ApplicationMixed bed, cation bed and anion bed.
Wedge wire screenSlot size: 0.25mm.
Material: SS316L.
Resin discharge port manual rubber lined butterfly valveDN50, PN1.0

Installment and debugging

  • Before installing the HydroCap-SZB resin trap filter, check whether the civil foundation is constructed according to the design requirements.
  • Check the drawing to confirm the installation position of the resin trap filter. 
  • Adjust the leg pads and check the level and verticality of the inlet and outlet flanges.
  • The foundation embedded iron plate for welding the resin trap filter. After fixing, check the levelness and verticality of the inlet and outlet flanges again.
  • Identify each resin trap filter component according to the number and assemble it according to the drawing. Before installation, clean each component to avoid contamination. After assembly, keep the piping axis horizontally and vertically. The valve orientation is reasonable (the handle of the manual valve is advanced and the starting head of the pneumatic valve is facing upward).
  • Check whether the valve switch on the body is flexible and whether it is stuck.
  • Finally, perform the necessary support work on the valve.

Operation and instructions

When using resin for online water treatment, resin damage is an inevitable problem. There are many reasons for this problem, such as:

  • If the resin is of poor quality, it is not strong enough.
  • Water pressure disturbance is large, especially high-pressure disturbance.

When the resin cylinder wall is damaged, resin will enter the entire water system. Causes interference to the normal operation of other equipment in the system. Therefore HydroCap-SZB resin trap filter is very necessary.
The installation location of HydroCap-SZB resin trap filter: on the water system pipeline near the ion exchanger outlet. When the resin passes through, it cannot pass through the filter screen. At the same time, it automatically flushes through the front and rear differential pressure to discharge the captured resin out of the system.