HydroCap-HCS Resin Trap Filter

HydroCap-HCS Resin Trap Filter For Mixed Bed
HydroCap-HCS Resin Trap Filter For Mixed Bed

Mixed bed resin is a highly efficient ion exchange resin. A mixed bed resin trap is an indispensable piece of equipment in water treatment systems.

The structure of HydroCap-HCS mixed bed resin trap filter: resin layer, filter layer, bottom collector. The resin layer is the core part of the mixed-bed resin trap, which mainly includes anionic resin and cationic resin.
The main function of the filter layer is to filter particulate matter in the water to prevent clogging or contamination of the mixed bed resin.
The bottom collector can collect captured impurities and ionic substances for easy discharge during cleaning and maintenance.

Working principle:

When water flows through the mixed-bed resin trap, it first passes through the filter layer. Remove most suspended particles and contaminants from the water to avoid clogging or contaminating the resin layer.
Then, the cations and anions in the water will be captured on the resin layer, and ion exchange will occur.
Finally, it is processed by a HydroCap-HCS mixed bed resin trap filter. The ion concentration in the water is reduced and the water quality is improved.

Application scenarios:

Water treatment systems, power industry, semiconductor industry, laboratories, and other fields. In water treatment systems, it can remove impurities such as dissolved ions, hardness substances, heavy metals, and organic matter in water.
The power industry can purify high-temperature water systems such as turbine water and boiler water.
In the semiconductor industry, it can purify ultrapure water to meet the needs of high-precision semiconductor manufacturing.

In the laboratory, it can be used to prepare high-purity reagents and solutions.

HydroCap-HCS Resin Trap Filter Guide

HydroCap-HCS resin trap filters are also common in power plants. 
Resin leakage from mixed beds can cause serious problems when entering the thermal system. If the resin enters the thermal system, it will inevitably cause a decrease in the pH value of the boiler water in the steam drum. It will pose a great threat to operational security. Therefore, the HydroCap-HCS resin trap filter plays a very important role in the safety of power plant thermal systems.
Conventional resin trap filters also encounter many problems during work, the most common of which is frequent clogging.
When the high-speed mixed bed operates at high flow rates, ordinary resin trap filters will encounter clogging problems in a very short time. Although it effectively traps leaking resin and prevents resin leakage at high flow rates. However, frequent blockages forced staff to carry out cleaning procedures. At this time, the work of the high-speed mixing bed had to be suspended, which seriously affected normal production.

For this purpose, we developed the HydroCap-HCS resin capture filter, which enables an online self-cleaning process. There is no need to stop production, no labor required, and the self-cleaning process takes very little time.

Consider corrosion protection requirements. Therefore, stainless steel is the main material of the HydroCap-HCS resin trap filter. However, austenitic stainless steel is very prone to chromium-poor intergranular corrosion in the temperature range of processing and welding. Therefore, attention should be paid to the heat treatment process of the product to weaken or eliminate intergranular corrosion to extend the service life.

Advantages: Achieve self-cleaning of the system without shutting down. It overcomes the shortcoming of the existing resin trap that it needs to be shut down and disassembled before it can be cleaned. Improved the safety of equipment operation.