HydroBlu-YT Filter

HydroBlu-YT Filter for Chemical Liquids

HydroBlu-YT auto-clean filter is mainly used in the filtration process of various chemical solutions and has a variety of models and specifications to choose from.

HydroBlu-YT auto clean filter is very suitable for chemical liquid filtration.

Chemical liquid filtration is an essential link in the chemical production process. With the continuous advancement of industrial technology, chemical liquid filtration technology has also continued to develop. In chemical production, raw materials, intermediates, and finished products all need to be filtered to ensure product quality and production efficiency.
The function of chemical liquid filtration: The main function of chemical liquid filtration is to remove impurities, particles, microorganisms, and other harmful substances in the liquid. This ensures the purity and quality of the product and avoids damage and impact on equipment and processes. Liquid filtration plays a very important role in chemical production. It can reduce losses and waste in the production process and improve production efficiency and product quality.

There are two main types of chemical liquid filtration: physical filtration and chemical filtration.
Physical filtration refers to the use of physical effects, such as grids, pores, membranes, etc., to isolate impurities and particles in liquids. Commonly used filtering equipment for physical filtration methods includes filter paper, filter rods, filters, filter cartridges, filter plates, etc. Different filter equipment is suitable for liquid filtration of different particle sizes and shapes.

HydroBlu-YT auto-clean filter is the most suitable physical filtration device. It uses a high-quality self-cleaning screen to achieve online cleaning, saving labor and time costs.

HydroBlu-YT Auto Clean Filter drawing

Technical Parameters

  • Processing water volume: 5~1630m3/h.
  • Working pressure: 1.0Mpa, 1.6Mpa, 2.5Mpa. 
  • Working water temperature: ≤95℃. 
  • Filtration accuracy range: 100~3000μm.  
  • Cleaning time: 10~9999 seconds (settable range).  
  • Control mode: pressure difference, time, and manual. 
  • Electric control mode: AC three-phase 380V/50Hz. 
  • Control interface: LCD, buttons. 
  • Filter type: Wedge wire mesh
  • Shell material: Q235B, 304, 316, 316L. 
  • Filter material: 304, 316, 316L. 
  • Cleaning parts material: 304, 316, 316L. 
ModelODInlet and outletKK1K2K3YK4AreaCapacityWeight

HydroBlu-YT Auto Clean Filter Guide

HydroBlu-YT auto clean filter can handle liquids in chemical production, such as solutions, slurries, emulsions, etc. This equipment supports customization services with special specifications. In addition to the overall size, flow rate and pressure rating, the specifications of the self cleaning screen are also important selection factors.

First, we should understand the properties of the liquid and the filtration requirements. 然后还Then detect the viscosity of the liquid and the impurity content. Of course, these values don’t need to be particularly precise. Our technical staff can provide the best solution within a range.

Our ultimate goal is to remove solid particles, microorganisms, impurities, etc. from the liquid and improve the purity and transparency of the liquid. So having these data is not enough.

For the HydroBlu-YT model self-cleaning filter, we conducted extensive terminal testing. Our technical staff will give customers a satisfactory design solution through different working conditions.

Working principle

  • The water chemical liquid enters the inside of the equipment through the water inlet of the fully automatic self-cleaning filter.
  • Impurities in chemical liquids cannot pass through the gaps in the filter and stay inside the filter. 
  • The filtered chemical solution is discharged through the water outlet of the fully automatic self-cleaning filter. Impurities remain inside the filter。
  • As impurities accumulate, the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filter will increase.
  • The device’s differential pressure switch can detect this value. When this value reaches the preset value of the differential pressure switch, the differential pressure switch will transmit a signal to the electrical control cabinet through the transmission line.
  • The electric control cabinet then distributes signals to the cleaning components (rotating brush or sewage suction port) and the sewage valve. At this time, the cleaning component will thoroughly clean the inner surface of the filter.
  • The drain valve then discharges impurities and part of the liquid from the inside of the equipment.
  • The time control of the equipment’s electrical control cabinet can be set according to the pressure difference start-up interval. After that, it can be controlled by time and pressure difference.
  • Control the cleaning cycle of the equipment to double ensure the cleaning effect of the equipment and the normal operation of the system.