HydroBlu-JPY Self Cleaning Filter For Wafer Grinding Wastewater
HydroBlu-JPY Self Cleaning Filter For Wafer Grinding Wastewater

HydroBlu-JPY self-cleaning filter is mainly used in the filtration process of wafer-grinding wastewater and supports customization!

HydroBlu-JPY self-cleaning filter specializes in treating wastewater generated during wafer grinding. In the semiconductor manufacturing process, wafer grinding is an important part. However, the resulting wastewater contains a large amount of abrasive particles, chemicals, and other impurities, causing serious pollution to the environment. Therefore, a HydroBlu-JPY self-cleaning filter is required to treat this wastewater.
Technical features of HydroBlu-JPY:

  • High treatment efficiency: HydroBlu-JPY self-cleaning filter can effectively remove abrasive particles, chemicals, and other impurities in wastewater to achieve wastewater purification.
  • The high degree of automation: The operation and adjustment of the HydroBlu-JPY self-cleaning filter are automated. Reduces manual intervention and operating costs.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: The operation’s energy consumption is low, and it can effectively reduce the pollution of wastewater to the environment.
  • Recycling: Wastewater can be recycled and used to reduce the consumption of new water and the discharge of wastewater.
  • Easy maintenance: The equipment has a simple structure and is easy to maintain and inspect.

Applications: Semiconductor manufacturing, flat panel display, and other industries. These industries generate a large amount of wafer-grinding wastewater during the production process. HydroBlu-JPY self-cleaning filter can effectively treat this wastewater and reduce its impact on the environment.

We continue to optimize the structure of HydroBlu-JPY to improve processing efficiency and stability. On the other hand, the development and application of new materials will further improve the corrosion resistance and thermal efficiency of equipment. At the same time, the introduction of intelligent technology will promote the automation and intelligent development of equipment and reduce manual intervention and operating costs.

HydroBlu-JPY Self Cleaning Filter Guide


HydroBlu-JPY self-cleaning filter system is an effective physical filtration technology. It has a long continuous and stable filtration time and can concentrate the filtrate. It is very suitable for wafer silicon wafer wastewater filtration, fermentation liquid filtration, pharmaceutical filtration, etc.

Why do you need HydroBlu-JPY?

The silicon contained in sand is a raw material for the production of semiconductors. These raw materials need to go through layers of complex processes to purify them into silicon, and then convert the silicon into wafers necessary for semiconductor production. In the wafer-cutting process, a large amount of cutting fluid is necessary. It mainly plays the role of lubrication, cooling, and washing of remaining suspended particles.

The characteristics of the semiconductor production process determine that the used cutting fluid has the characteristics of high turbidity, high SS concentration (mainly in the form of single crystal silicon powder), large amount of mud powder, and difficult precipitation. Moreover, the purchase price of cutting fluid is high. If it cannot be processed and reused, it will significantly increase production costs. Improper processing may also pollute the environment.

HydroBlu-JPY self-cleaning filter is the best solution to solve the problem of wafer wastewater treatment.

HydroBlu-JPY self-cleaning filter filters wafer silicon wafer cutting fluid with a high concentration of silicon powder and recovers the concentrated residue. The filtered clear liquid enters the clean liquid tank for later use. Subsequently, the HydroBlu-JPY filtration system performs side liquid filtration on the liquid in the clean liquid tank. The reused clear liquid can better meet the requirements of wafer processing. This solution has high filtration efficiency, is economical and environmentally friendly, and can effectively save production costs.

HydroBlu-JPY self-cleaning filter is a new type of self-cleaning filter equipment suitable for continuous production. It can automatically filter and remove particles in the liquid and form a dry filter cake for discharge. At the same time, it is a customized filtration system, and the process can be adjusted according to customer requirements.