HydroBlu-FXY Self Cleaning Filter For Anti-rust Oil
HydroBlu-FXY Self-Cleaning Filter For Anti-rust Oil

HydroBlu-FXY self-cleaning filter is mainly used in the filtration process of anti-rust oil and supports customization.

Corrosion is one of the main forms of fastener failure. To avoid corrosion of metal fasteners and reduce losses, anti-rust oil is a good choice. This makes the fasteners more durable and effectively extends their service life. Anti-rust oil is an oil solvent with a reddish-brown appearance and anti-rust function. It is easy to use, low cost, effective, and simple to operate, and is very common in the fastener industry.
Anti-rust oil has a reddish-brown appearance and has an anti-rust function. Generally speaking, metal fasteners are soaked in a soaking tank filled with anti-rust oil. However, due to the inevitable presence of impurities during the production process, these impurities also continue to appear in the soaking tank. Over a long period, there are many impurities in the oil in the soaking tank, which affects the soaking quality of subsequent products. Therefore, the filtration process is very necessary.
However, existing anti-rust oils usually use multi-stage methods when filtering. Since most of the existing equipment can only adopt split step-by-step filtration operations, the overall filtration effect is poor. At the same time, it is more inconvenient to clean the filter equipment later, which is not conducive to daily use. Therefore, there is an urgent need to design a filter device for producing anti-rust oil to solve the above problems. For this reason, we developed a HydroBlu-FXY self cleaning filter.

HydroBlu-FXY Self-Cleaning Filter Guide

Applicable to a wide range of oils. In addition to anti-rust oil, HydroBlu-FXY self-cleaning filters can also handle other types of oil. Light load gear oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and transformer oil, turbine oil, cutting oil, drawing oil, cleaning oil, compressor oil, and heat transfer oil with viscosity less than 220cst. The structure is simple, has a long life, and is easy to maintain. The overall body is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperatures and external forces. Easy maintenance and short cleaning time, greatly reducing the waste of manpower and money.

  • Compact structure and reasonable size. It is simple and convenient to install and operate, occupies a small area, and has strong dirt-holding capacity.
  • It has high filtration precision and is suitable for filtering fine particles or suspended solids.
  • The processing flow per unit filtration area is larger and the filtration resistance is smaller.
  • Extend the service life of downstream equipment.
  • It runs online and does not require personnel supervision.
  • Extend oil change intervals and save money.
  • It has a simple structure, convenient maintenance, and long service life.
  • It can remove small particles of impurities with high separation accuracy.
  • It can remove solid impurities from high-viscosity oil and highly contaminated oil.
  • Different from the original traditional filtration method, the HydroRed-FXY self-cleaning filter can remove tiny particles and sludge suspended in the oil in the machine.
  • Extend the service life of machinery and equipment and reduce wear and parts replacement.

How to choose the appropriate self-cleaning filter?

  • Filtration requirements for anti-rust oil. When selecting a filter screen for the HydroRed-FXY self-cleaning filter, you need to consider the filtration needs of anti-rust oil to choose a suitable filter.
  • Filter screen precision. The filtration precision of the filter screen refers to the size of the particles it can filter out, and the unit is generally the mesh number. Generally speaking, the higher the mesh number, the higher the filtration accuracy of the filter. Able to filter out smaller particles. When selecting a filter, you need to select an appropriate mesh number based on the filtration requirements of the anti-rust oil.
  • Suitable size. You also need to pay attention to the size of the filter when choosing a filter. The size of the filter should be suitable for the size of the equipment to ensure its normal operation. In addition, to improve the filtration efficiency, you can choose a porous filter. This allows the anti-rust oil to form a thicker film on the surface of the filter, resulting in a better filtration effect.
  • Suitable material. The material of the filter is also very important. The appropriate material should be selected according to the characteristics of the anti-rust oil. Generally speaking, stainless steel 304 material is the most cost-effective.