How p-Type Filters Work

P-Type Filter Structure And Working Principle

P-type automatic sewage filter is mainly composed of high-quality carbon steel cylinder, stainless steel wedge wire filter with special structure, water flow guide valve, and sewage device.

When the filter is working, the water flow guide valve is in the open state, the water flow enters the filter from the inlet, and is filtered to the outlet through the filter screen.

When the filter needs to discharge sewage, close the water flow guide valve, open the sewage valve, the water flows through the first half of the filter screen to filter, and part of the water flow flows into the system from the outlet.  

The remaining water flows from the outer side of the second half of the filter screen into the inner side and is discharged through the sewage outlet, which plays the role of automatic reverse washing of the filter screen.

In this way, the entire flushing process system can operate normally without downtime. The opening mechanism of the water flow guide valve is divided into two types: manual and electric. When the electric opening mechanism is used, a clock control electric control box is provided.

The sewage can be automatically cleaned and discharged according to the set time requirements. At this time, the sewage outlet is equipped with an electric ball valve, a water flow guide valve, and a sewage electric ball valve to achieve linkage.

Installation and use of P-type filter

P-type automatic sewage filter should be installed horizontally or vertically. When installed vertically, the water flow direction should be from top to bottom: 

During installation, it should be noted that the direction of the arrow on the casing must be consistent with the direction of the water flow. During normal operation, the water flow guide valve is open. When sewage needs to be discharged, close the water flow guide valve and open the sewage valve until the discharged water becomes clear. Close the sewage valve and open it. The water flow guide valve completes the sewage process. 
When manually opening the water flow guide valve, the drain valve should be prepared by the user.
When the water flow guide valve is opened electrically, the electric control box and the sewage electric ball valve are supplied randomly. 
Working pressure: ≤1.6Mpa
Working temperature: ≤90℃
Pressure loss: ≤0.015Mpa
Filtration precision: d=1.2mm
Other working pressures, filtration accuracy, and specifications can be specially manufactured according to user requirements, and the flange connection size is in accordance with GB9119.8-88.

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