FITO Type Wedge Wire Screen Filter

Wedge wire filter element is widely used in mining, coal, petroleum, chemical, electroplating industry, and other industries because of its many advantages of acid resistance, alkali resistance, high-temperature resistance, strong tensile force, and abrasion resistance, and can be filtered under acid and alkali environmental conditions.

The Wedge wire filter element currently in use is mainly composed of flanges, vertical support ribs, and spirally wound screen bars. Due to structural defects, there are the following defects:

  • During the winding process, the roundness of the screen bar is poor, and there are edges and corners at the vertical support ribs. 
  • There are vertical support ribs on the inner surface, which makes the inner surface not smooth and cannot be mechanically reversed cleaned, such as brushes or suction nozzles. 
  • There are many vertical support ribs, forming a filter blind zone where the vertical support ribs and the screen bar are welded, and there are many filter blind zones, resulting in unstable filtration accuracy and affecting the filtering effect. 

Bluslot has developed a reverse wedge wire filter element with stable filtration accuracy, easy mechanical cleaning, and small filter dead zones.  


  • The utility model comprises a sieve bar fixing ring and a sieve bar, and a sieve bar fixing groove is arranged on the inner side of the sieve bar fixing ring. 
  • The sieve bar is fixed in the fixed groove of the sieve bar. In this way, the inner side of the sieve bar is smoother during filtering and can be cleaned by mechanical reverse cleaning such as brushes or suction nozzles. 
  • It is more convenient to clean, easy to process, and there are no edges and corners on the inside and outside. 
  • The number of fixed rings of the sieve bar is small, and the contact points between the fixed ring of the sieve bar and the sieve bar are reduced, so the blind area of the filter is greatly reduced. 
  • The cross section of the screen bar is a wedge shape, and the screen bar fixing groove is a wedge shape matching the shape of the screen bar, which is convenient for filtering and cleaning. 
  • The screen bar fixing ring is composed of multiple fan rings, which is more convenient for processing filter elements with larger diameters.