Characteristics of Diatomite Filter

Diatomite Wedge Wire Filter For Beer Clarification And Filtration

Candle type diatomite filter is also called candle type closed filter, candle type diatomite filter, tubular filter press, thickening filter, filter element type self-cleaning filter, and filter cake layer filter.

A plurality of candle tubes is arranged inside the casing (the candle tube is a stainless steel wedge wire filter element), which is suitable for the requirements of different occasions. After filtration, the drying and discharge of filter cake and the cleaning of the filter cloth can be fully automatic. Because there is no driving device and the structure is simple, it can cope with the situation of a large filtering area. 

Candlelight diatomite filter is filtering equipment that takes diatomite as the medium and adopts the natural adsorption conditions in Diatomite for adsorption and filtration. Candle-type diatomite filter has fast filtration speed and stable coating without falling off. All parts in contact with materials in the filter are made of stainless steel, which meets the sanitary requirements.  

Candle diatomite filter with candle core structure design can realize no residual liquid discharge in the shell without affecting the upper and lower batches. There is no obstacle structure at the bottom of the filter element. At the same time, manual, pneumatic, and electric slag discharge can be carried out at the bottom, and the slag discharge port is large.  

The filter element is installed vertically, which is very conducive to vertical slag removal. It is close to the requirements of full sanitation among all filtering equipment. It is very suitable for typical applications such as beer clarification & filtration, electrolyte impurity removal, metal degreasing, and slag removal, phosphating and slag removal, chemical product concentration, and thickening. 

Candle diatomite filters are widely used in liquid food such as beverages, Baijiu, syrup, soy sauce, vinegar, and so on. They can also be used in the clarification and filtration of liquid products in pharmaceutical, chemical, and biological industries. Compared with similar products, a candle diatomite filter saves power, water, and time.  

Characteristics Of Candle Diatomite Filter  

  • The wedge wire filter element is specially designed with its own support, and the filter screen is flat, smooth and easy to clean.
  • The filter discs are stacked horizontally, with strong adsorption between diatomite and filter discs, which can be filtered intermittently to avoid sudden power failure or long-term power failure, and the filter cake falls off. 
  • The filter layer formed on the filter disc makes the whole filter cycle in a sealed state. 
  • Filter cake removal and filter disc cleaning are completed automatically.