Brewing Filtration Mode And Operation Of Refined Beer

Diatomite Wedge Wire Filter For Beer Clarification And Filtration

The main ways of beer filtration are cotton cake filter, diatomite filter, paperboard filter, double-flow filter, cross-flow filter (mainly used to replace diatomite filter), and sterile filter (mainly used for the filtration of pure draft beer).
For beer filtration, the commonly used filtration equipment mainly includes a diatomite filter, paperboard filter, and membrane filter. Diatomite filter is used as the coarse filtration of beer, paperboard filter as the fine filtration of beer, and membrane filtration is mainly used to produce pure draft beer. The cotton cake filter has been eliminated in the beer industry.

In a brewery, the liquor is very turbid due to a large amount of yeast in the post-fermentation mature beer. Therefore, it is generally necessary to carry out coarse filtration first, and then fine filtration. Breweries can also choose several filtration methods for combined use according to the requirements of product quality and cost, and the effect is good.