Bluslot Diatomite Separation Wedge Wire Filter Screen

Filter screens are generally used for separation and filtration in the fields of steel, paper and pharmaceuticals
At present, the main filter screen tubes on the market mainly use a certain thickness of pipe material, and the surface of the pipe material is punched, and then covered with filter meshes of different meshes to achieve the filtering effect. 
However, in actual use, due to the limited strength of the filter screen, its service life is short, and it is easy to be damaged when filtered under high pressure.  
Therefore, BLUSLOT provides a diatomite separation wedge wire screen to overcome the deficiencies in the prior art.


  • Wedge wire is used as raw material.
  • The profile wire forms a cylindrical separation cavity through the annular fusion welding process.
  • There are 5 support rings in the separation chamber.
  • The ribs are parallel to the axial direction of the screen. 
  • Ribs are fixed between the support ring and the profile wire. 
  • The support ring is perpendicular to the rib. 
  • Form a V-shaped slot.
  • The width of the filter gap gradually decreases from the inside to the outside. 


  • Triangular profile wire, the gap is narrow inside and wide outside, only a little contact with impurities, not easy to block.
  • The filter element has high roundness and smooth surface, making it easier to adhere to diatomite.
  • Adopting advanced annular fusion welding process, the structure is firm and can play a good supporting role.
  • Made of stainless steel, it is not easy to corrode, and meets the requirements of food-grade materials.
  • The filtration precision can reach 10 microns.
  • The surface of the top corner of the profile wire is very smooth, there is no dead corner of any residue, the backwashing process is more thorough, and the cleaning effect is the most ideal.
  • Supported by ribs and support rings, it can withstand very high pressure and will not deform with pressure changes. After the diatomite pre-coating is formed on the surface, the coating is stable, and there will be no coating cracks, soil leakage and other phenomena.


  • Beer, rice wine.  
  • Syrups, beverages. 
  • soy sauce. 
  • Gelatin, jelly, dairy. 
  • Condiments, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. 
  • Candle type diatomite filter, fine filter.
  • Liquor filter, wine filter, rice wine filter.  

Bluslot can provide high-end wedge wire filter element customized processing services for global customers. Our advantages are 10-micron filtration accuracy, high roundness and coaxial, advanced welding technology, and a short construction period.