Bead Mill Screen

Bead Mill Screen
Bead Mill Screen

Bead mill screen application
Horizontal grinder.
Vertical bead mill.
Laboratory bead mill.
Basket bead mill.
Lithium battery materials bead mill.
Paint grinder.
Color Paddle bead mill. 
Rod pin micro sand mill.
Dual power nano bead mill.
Turbo-type nano bead mill.
High-flow disc sand mill.
Lithium iron phosphate sand mill.

The bead mill screen is a barrier that allows the material fluid to enter and exit, while also blocking the grinding media. But during work, the grinding media will stick to the gaps in the bead mill screen. If it is not cleaned for a long time, problems will occur. This often results in low sanding material processing production efficiency.
For this reason, we offer this range of products. In addition to strengthening the overall solidity, the internal structure is also more reasonable. This gives our products a longer service life.
In addition, customers often report to our technical staff that the wear resistance of ordinary bead mill screens is too poor. As a result, it has to be replaced frequently. To this end, we went through a lot of experiments and finally determined the solution – carbonitriding technology. 不It not only solves the problem of wear resistance but also greatly increases the hardness of the bead mill screen.

New Bead Mill Screen

New Bead Mill Screen

Bead mill screen also has a name, that is sand mill screen. It is a very important accessory in wet grinding equipment for chemical liquid products. It is used in a wide range of applications, such as horizontal sand mills, basket sand mills, and vertical sand mills.
These equipments have the advantages of high production efficiency, strong continuity, low cost, and high product fineness. Widely used in cement, silicate products, refractory materials, fertilizers, glass ceramics, coatings/inks/dyes/paints, new materials, and other production industries.

The traditional bead mill screen has a small discharge area and slow discharge and is prone to material clogging after long-term use. To this end, we have developed a new bead mill screen to solve the above problems.


  • The barrel frame includes a mounting ring and a connecting rib connecting the two mounting rings.
  • There are first reinforcing ribs and second reinforcing ribs arranged staggered around the connecting ribs.  
  • There is a discharge area between the connecting ribs and reinforcing ribs. The material passes through the screen from the discharging part and flows out of the equipment. 
  • The screen is a high-quality wedge wire screen cylinder

In use, the diameter surface of the bead mill screen discharges materials and isolates the medium. This separates the medium from the slurry. The slurry enters the discharge pipe in the discharge barrel to achieve the purpose of discharging. When there are many impurities on the surface of the bead mill screen, the pressure in the grinding chamber of the sand mill will gradually increase. Exceeding the allowable pressure will cause a shutdown. Without pressure protection, seal damage and even mechanical damage and shutdown may occur.

Anti-clogging Sand Mill Screen

When dispensing paint on existing machines, zirconia beads and paint tend to mix. After a long day of work, they would gather at the sand mill screen. After a long day of work, they would gather at the sand mill screen. This makes the paint discharging not smooth. The sand mill screen is easy to wear and has a short service life. It also increases the pressure, which causes the temperature to rise and creates certain safety hazards.

Our product solves this technical problem. A special sandmill screen is provided. The structure is simple, the installation is convenient, and the material discharging is very smooth.

  • Strengthen the overall welding strength. Our patented welding technology – the ring fusion welding process plays a huge role.
  • The number of support rods is reasonably increased, but the flow rate is not affected.
  • Added 4 stiffeners. Making the entire product stronger. The structure is simple and the reinforcement ribs do not affect normal installation, making it very convenient.
  • Carbonitriding technology. We canceled the previous surface treatment process. Using the latest carbonitriding technology. In this way, not only the hardness is greatly increased, but the wear resistance is also better.

When in use, the sand mill screen rotates, and the reinforcing ribs tear the grinding media and paint. In this way, the grinding media can be quickly thrown out of the paint, making the discharge very smooth. This reduces sand mill screen wear and enhances strength. Smooth discharging can effectively reduce the pressure and temperature of the grinding chamber of the machine, reducing potential safety hazards.