Application of Diatomite Filtration Technology in Beverage Wine

In the past, the filtration of beverages and wines used absorbent cotton, sand filter sticks, etc. to filter the finished wines. In 1980, my country introduced diatomite filtration technology, which has been widely used. It has the advantages of good wine quality and high efficiency.

Diatomite filtration

Diatomaceous earth is a crucial filter medium in this new technology. The main components of diatomaceous earth are white, pink, and even gray silica. It is formed by a kind of biochemical sedimentary rock composed of the siliceous cell wall of diatom, single-cell aquatic plant tens of thousands of years ago. Individuals of diatoms are very small, generally 20-40. The smallest ones can only be seen under a microscope. Its hardness is 1-1.5, the false specific gravity is between 0.24~0.5, the melting point is 1650~1750°C, and it has extremely strong water absorption. It can absorb water 1.5-4.5 times its own weight. This is because diatomaceous earth has countless small holes and The multiple pores have a pore size of 80-90%, a hard diatom skeleton, a large surface area, and strong pressure resistance, providing a space for trapping solid particles, thereby achieving a higher filtration rate and clarity.

When diatomite is dried, crushed, sieved, batched, simmered (800~1000°C) and other series of processing, namely physical and chemical treatment, to remove various internal impurities, it becomes diatomite filter aid.

In addition, diatomaceous earth can form a bio-film on the diaphragm, and at a reasonable flow rate, it can remove 0.1-micron particles or bacteria contained in the filtrate.

The superiority of diatomite filtration technology

Many companies producing beverages and liquors have been used in practice for several years. It has been proved that this new technology is superior to other filtration methods in terms of the quality of beverages and production efficiency.

The following is a summary of the diatomite filtration technology used by the liquor factory

Diatomite filtration of liquor is of good quality and high efficiency. Diatom filtration process has higher clarification than cotton cake and sand filter rod, and the wine is shiny, especially in low-alcohol liquor, the filtration quality is better.

Easy to operate and convenient to use. The entire filtration system consists of wine storage tanks, filter pumps, filters, circulation tanks, and so on. The equipment is simple and easy to operate. The tedious operations such as washing cotton, pressing cotton, and brushing sand filter rods are omitted.

Save costs. Compared with the two filters, it consumes water and electricity. In terms of wine loss and filter material consumption, the diatomaceous earth filter is superior to other filters.

In addition to diatomite filtration technology used for liquor, it can also be applied to beer filtration.

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