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what is a wedge wire screen?


Wedge wire screens are also called Johnson screens, V wire mesh, and apples. Commonly used in the industrial filtration and separation process, it is a fully welded structure with a special V-shaped wire structure. It has the characteristics of firm welding, low-pressure drop, not easy to be blocked, and easy to clean.

Bluslot® is a wedge wire screen company that independently produces, designs, and sells in China. The main products include wedge wire filter candles, baskets, cylinders, false bottom, laterals, well screen, rotary drum screens, strainers, flat panels, nozzles, pipes, tubes, sieve bend screens, cone, sheets, intake screens dewatering screens, etc., with a complete range of products. The factory is located in the raw material producing area, the products are low in price, high in quality, 8 fully automatic production lines, and the delivery speed is fast.


Always No.1

Perfect roundness and concentricity are very important, not only to make the wedge wire filter work more effectively but also to increase the open area and flow rate.

Perfect Roundness

Independent research and development of advanced annular fusion welding equipment, the product welding structure is more firm and durable.

Machine & Technology

We can provide customers with customized services of various specifications.
Minimum outer diameter: 16 mm.
Minimum slot size: 10 microns.

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